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Being Joyful
living intently
look who is with the times. 
2nd-Jan-2013 04:46 pm

Oh hey, lj has a mobile app on Android now that actually does stuff.


I am about 99% sure or bees are dead but it is kind of a Schrodinger's Cat situation since we won't know for sure since we can't open the hive until it warms up in the spring...if we open out now the wax is so brittle that it will pretty much just shatter and destroy any honey that may remain. The hives are covered in some kind of bug, I don't think it is mites but can't tell for sure. I am super sad about this...and mad because Justin didn't take care of the bees like he said he would and none of the hives were winterized like they should have been to prevent the bees from dying of cold and damp. So, that was a complete waste of $600 in bees and another couple hundred in materials for the hives, which are showing signs of damp and mildew. I am screaming, you just can't see it.

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