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Being Joyful
living intently
21st-Jul-2013 05:04 pm

I stopped posting for one of those, "if you don't have anything nice to say..." things. I started drinking more water. Taking my vitamins. Spending more time in the sunshine. Found some new girlfriends to hang out with. Worked on my relationship with my soon to be husband. Started turning my wedding from plan to reality and in less than a month I will be getting married!


Of course, it is easy to be optimistic in the summer. Winter is coming (ha) and with it, Justin is starting a university transfer program, Eve is starting kindergarten, our income will be slashed into about a quarter of what it is now, and thanks to some nice effing up by revenue Canada we are waiting for a reassessment on our taxes and a refund rather than owe them a nauseating amount of money. For the first time in five years the low income bracket did not rise to compensate for inflation and for the first time it could have benefited us in a major way we were just over the amount and now cannot qualify for any of the grants we had kind of expected to get. Shit. I am in a rock-and-hard-place situation with the kids. Eve will be in school from 8:30 to 2:30 and we can't afford preschool or daycare even if I worked because all the money would just go to child care and we can't get subsidy because we are out of the bracket. Justin will be working part time but that won't be much. We applied for student loans but I am not expecting much from them. Sigh. We will muddle through somehow - we have the majority of our debt behind us now and should have the last of it paid off by September. At least that will be gone.


So, that is kind of what is going on over here. Nothing spectacular but we are alive and well.

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