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Being Joyful
living intently
the times, they are a-changin' 
27th-Mar-2013 08:39 am

So it is spring, and lovely out. Having sun for some of the day almost every day is really helping with my low feelings... I started taking chill pills too, and Justin and I are trying PG-X together to help kickstart weight loss. Our debt load is finally decreasing substantially now that I am earning money talking care of Susan every other week and Justin is starting a university transfer program at North Island College this September in electrical engineering. The wedding is really coming together now, we have concrete plans and bookings. I have to make a trip to Nanaimo in May to pick up my dress and a few things at Michaels. Then it is pretty much sit and wait, I guess.


I am still feeling pretty crummy about myself, but I feel like I can do something about it. I want to learn French and Spanish. I want to find my sexy mysterious feminine side again. Lose weight and stop dressing like a bum. Spend more time outside, which is always easier in the spring. Find things that make me happy again, explore and create. Keep busy.


Stuff like that.

27th-Mar-2013 09:32 pm (UTC)
The first step is feeling like you can do something about it. Motivation is key :) Im glad your plans are falling into place, and the debt load is decreasing. I bet stress is decreasing as well.
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